[PHP] Zend Platform - Performance results

👉 This post was initially written in 2007 and refered to specific software versions. When tunning your system, always consider which version you are running.

If you are a PHP developer or a LAMP server admin you probably have already heard about the [Zend Platform][1]. After some test and configure/tunning step, we deployed this solution on a heavy loaded production server running with [Apache 2.x][2], [PHP 4.4.x][3], [MySQL Client 5.x][4].

The server used for deploy and test the Zend Platform in real production condition is a Bi-Xeon 1,4Ghz with 2Go RAM and 2×36 Go SCSI. This server is part of a cluster made of 10 servers which deliver PHP scripts only. All statics media (gif, css, js, swf, etc.) are delivered thru other dedicated servers.

Statistics Without Zend Platform

  • More than 3.000.000 Hits/Day
  • 30 Hits/sec
  • 60% Average CPU Load

Statistics With Zend Platform

  • More than 10.000.000 Hits/Day
  • 100 Hits/sec
  • 20% Average CPU Load

Zend Platform Results

To sum up

  • Manage 3.5 times more traffic
  • Having 3 times less load
  • Use same quantity of process
  • All the advanced futures for debug, profile, analyze your code
  • Centralize error message easily from multiple front (With stats, alerts, vhost, etc.)
  • HTML Caching solution

Of course, all this stuff could be done with [xDebug][7], [xCache][8] and many other Open Source solution, this will depend of your free time for deploying it. The Zend Platform is an "All in One" package with some advanced features and a good interaction between the Platform and your IDE ([Zend Studio/Neon][9]).