Adobe Advertising Cloud: A Lean Puppet Workflow to Support a Multi-Cloud and Cloud-Bursting Infrastructure

at PuppetConf 2017, San-Francisco, CA

Building and scaling a multi-cloud solution that’s enabled for cloud bursting is not a trivial task, and requires a lot of automation. While experiencing hyper-growth on the Adobe Advertising Cloud, our operations engineering team had to frequently update and improve its workflow in order to stay nimble and allow fast delivery of new infrastructure. At TubeMogul/Adobe Advertising Cloud, we implemented a lean Puppet workflow that enables the operations engineering team to deploy and support a broad range of services in a complex environment that supports hundreds of billions of requests a day. With over 150 changes released per day on its production infrastructure, the team had to adjust and tune its processes to enforce quality, standards, to review, and to prevent systems from breaking. In this talk, you will learn how we implemented our infrastructure as code by leveraging tools like Puppet, Gerrit, Terraform, and Jenkins, which together enable our private and public cloud infrastructures across 12 locations and four continents.

The Five Steps to Building a Successful Private Cloud

at InfoQ,

Increased competition among public cloud vendors, territorial regulations, and business demands have all contributed to a rise in multi-cloud strategies. In this article, Nicolas Brousse from Adobe explains five key components of successful private cloud implementation.

From Start-Up To Fortune 500: Building A Lean Multi-Cloud Solution

at Global Software Architecture Conference, Santa Clara, CA

The success of Public Cloud is not questionable. It enables companies to accelerate their product development velocity and their time to market with low operational frictions. Many vendors have tried to tap this market with various Private Cloud solutions, with questionable success. In this case study, we will cover the true story of a small start-up, TubeMogul, becoming big, to build the foundations of the Adobe Advertising Cloud. throughits cloud journey, the operation engineering team focus remained consistent: deliver a cost effective and stable infrastructure. The challenge of scaling throughhyper-growth is real, serving hundredths of billions HTTP requests a day, with large volume of data flowing, and low latency required. Beyond the multi-cloud discussion, our team approaches the challenge as part of their global infrastructure automation effort. After going throughmany TCO analysis, research and development efforts, the team delivered a final, but always evolving, implementation of a multi-cloud solution on top of a mix of Public Cloud services and Private Cloud solutions, based on OpenStack, with Public Cloud bursting capabilities. This talk will challenge your cloud strategy by exposing how TubeMogul, now the Adobe Advertising Cloud, moved part of its critical workload back from Public Cloud to an in-house, opinionated framework, based on a hybrid of bare metal and OpenStack, with a large touch of automation.