Adobe Advertising Cloud: The Reality of Cloud Bursting with OpenStack

at OpenStack Summit, Boston, MA

After successfully moving a large workload from a Public Cloud to an OpenStack Private Cloud, the former TubeMogul Operations Engineering team tackled its next important step toward Cloud Bursting. While experiencing hyper-growth on the Adobe Advertising Cloud, the team had to figure out a simple way to quickly provision new compute resources. Our latency critical workload need our core private resources while some workload can safely leverage public cloud. Cloud Bursting helped to ensure rapid support of the business and provide a more flexible capacity planning strategy. Being able to burst some workload back to the Public Cloud allowed the team to leverage the best of public and private cloud.

Look back, look now, see forward

at Velocity, Santa Clara, CA

The Internet is increasingly complex and routinely experiences outages, instabilities, and attacks. While cloud providers, CDNs, and acceleration services may claim to be always available, that doesn’t mean that they’re “always reachable.” In fact, they are almost certainly experiencing a constant rate of low-level failure that is largely outside of your control yet is still impacting your users. But what Internet performance management tools are available to help you obtain visibility and shorten the mean time to innocence? What’s going on right now in the CDN, cloud, and Internet transit performance space?

Moving Large Workloads from a Public Cloud to an OpenStack Private Cloud: Is It Really Worth It?

at USENIX SRECon16Europe, Dublin, Ireland

It can be easy to come up with a TCO analysis that would challenge any public cloud and make you think, “let’s go in-house!” What are the challenges and is it really worth it? The TubeMogul Operation team went throughthe technical challenges at building a private cloud. In this presentation you will learn how the team went from a R&D to an automated deployment of a bare-metal servers to finally migrate a large workload from a Public Cloud to its own Private Cloud infrastructure. We will detail how the team dealt with unexpected issues and also how we chose the hardware, estimated capacity, stay cost effective, improve overall performance of the system, and bring better control and visibility.