Mega Volume: How TubeMogul Leverages NetSuite

at SuiteWorld16, San Jose, CA

TubeMogul handles over one trillion ad auctions per month. This session will showcase the successful integration that helped TubeMogul improve its order, fulfillment, and payment workflow of every one of those auctions. You’ll be given the complete breakdown on the end-to-end workflow, as well as the technical and organizational implementation challenges overcome in handling this tremendous volume.

Moving Large Workloads from a Public Cloud to an OpenStack Private Cloud: Is It Really Worth It?

at USENIX SRECon16, Santa-Clara, CA

It can be easy to come up with a TCO analysis that would challenge any public cloud and make you think, “let’s go in-house!” What are the challenges and is it really worth it? The TubeMogul Operation team went throughthe technical challenges at building a private cloud. In this presentation you will learn how the team went from a R&D to an automated deployment of a bare-metal servers to finally migrate a large workload from a Public Cloud to its own Private Cloud infrastructure. We will detail how the team dealt with unexpected issues and also how we chose the hardware, estimated capacity, stay cost effective, improve overall performance of the system, and bring better control and visibility.

How TubeMogul Handles over One Trillion HTTP Requests a Month

at USENIX LISA'15, Washington, D.C.

TubeMogul grew from few servers to over two thousands servers and handling over one trillion http requests a month, processed in less than 50ms each. To keep up with the fast growth, the SRE team had to implement an efficient Continuous Delivery infrastructure that allowed to do over 10,000 puppet deployment and 8,500 application deployment in 2014. In this presentation, we will cover the nuts and bolts of the TubeMogul operations engineering team and how they overcome challenges.